Saturday, May 17, 2008

Voodoo madonna

I wanted to make an icon-like painting with a voodoo theme, this is how it turned out! It had a lot more voodoo related stuff in the first scetch; knives, feathers, beheaded chickens, but they were kind of eliminated in the process. Now there's just the wide-horned bull. Here's the computer aided version:

And the real-life version:

I made the halo and the frames with tin foil to give it an icon-like look. The scanner made it look a bit funny, it's a lot less crappy in nature.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The sword

Of lately:

Here's the hand-coloured version of it:

Although my aquarelle-technique is embarrassingly bad, this one has some home-made charm to it. I wasn't sure about the colour of the ocean first, but now I love the coldness and crispness of it. And I will get better with water colours, I just have to.. It's kind of nice to have a finished piece that you can actually hold in your hands.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cats, bags and new addresses

I've drawn a few birthday cards lately. First one is for my sister's 30th birthday, that's her with a Louis Vuitton -bag ready for countdown. She loved it! The other one I drew a couple of days ago for a friend of mine. I'm a bit obsessed with big cats at the moment.

It was a big change to make something that has to be ready as it is, no tweaking or colouring with software (and no undo-button..). I liked it, it forces me to make desicions about the colours and other stuff very fast, it usually takes me forever. Now it's just you and the material, the possibilities aren't endless like with a computer, and the piece comes together very organically. I'm planning to do some water colouring very soon, I'll be posting it if it turns out any good.