Saturday, April 28, 2007


Remember last week's Illustration Friday topic "polar"? Well, this is an entry for that. I know, it's a cheap shot, but my blog seems to be dying in my arms, and I have to do something to try to save it. I started sketching this piece last weekend, and today I just twisted my arm and physically made myself finish it. My arm still hurts. But I'm really glad I did it. It's a bit girlier than I intended, I've been trying to put some edge to my drawings lately, but it just doesn't seem to happen.

It looks kind of interesting inverted, too:

More of these:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fat Easter

Here's a couple of doodles I did during the Easter. I was quite busy eating chocolate and getting fat, but I managed to find the time to draw a little! I feel like I'm finally beginning to find my style. It's just like everybody has been telling me all along; keep drawing every day and it'll come to you.

I'm trying to start my career as a freelance illustrator, and I feel that it's about time I started marketing myself and getting my work out there. The only problem is, that every time I look at my portfolio I feel like crying. It's not even close to what I want it to be. I think that if I had about fifteen pieces (that I'm happy with and somewhat represent my style and the direction I want to go), I could start e-mailing people. Unfortunalety, that's not the case. So, I'm really going to have to step up my game and start drawing like a madman. I have tons of ideas, so I should get something done soon. I will. I'm optimistic.