Monday, November 3, 2008


Caught red-handed.


Frederik Jurk said...
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Frederik Jurk said...

Do you know that I was playing with the thought of writing you an email about what keeps you from posting new stuff? I was a bit concerned something happened or that you lost interest in drawing.

But as it turns out you seem to have practiced a lot. This new piece is KILLER! I´m actually feeling a little excited right now because I just want to see more of this. Very, very awesome. Glad to see you´re back. You´re moving in a very cool direction stylistically.

Oh, and my book is finished, and I´m preparing some prints as well. Make sure to check out my new Flickr account and drop me a mail if you´re still interested in trading stuff. Though I can´t imagine you´d want to trade THIS one for a book and a poster, do you?


Frederik Jurk said...

(Edited some typos, that´s why I deleted the first comment)

Maarit said...

Thank you, Frederik! And sorry for the delay in responce, I haven't been checking my blog much lately. I sent you an email about the other stuff!

Ariel said...

Simply beautiful :)

Her hair looks like the birds also.. i just noticed.

Cheers, Maarit

Yeruza LabrĂ­n said...

wonderful work

i like!