Thursday, June 19, 2008

Royal plague

I've been thinking about this image for months and now I finally got it done. I'm very happy with how these came out, I really like the floor and the cape!
Here's the digital version:

And here's the original watercolour version:


fougougou said...

it's a very good one, indeed. but I prefer the watercolor version.

Frederik Jurk said...

I prefer the digital one. It took me a second glance to notice the owl wallpaper, very cute. This one has more depth to it than most of the other ones, there´s more stuff to look at. You´re without a doubt getting even better ;)

Frederik Jurk said...
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Frederik Jurk said...

(Removed the doublepost)

ninona said...

Your works are really brilliant.

A greeting.

Ariel said...

Beautiful work still Maarit.

I especially love "ice princess" and "Revolver". Very loose, fun, and stylish.

All my best,